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Dentist in West Columbia, SC

Did you know that once a tooth gets knocked out, it starts to die within 15 minutes?  If you put it in milk or hold it in your mouth, it will survive longer!

Take a look at some of these interesting dental facts. Contact our generic Proscalpin canada for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Dentist West Columbia

generic Proscalpin from india

Dentist West Columbia

Dentist in West ColumbiaPeriodontal disease is the number one cause of tooth loss. It can impact your overall health and is linked to various serious diseases, including: heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

We often talk about home oral hygiene and professional oral health care as ways to decrease your odds of developing periodontal disease. However, even with regular and thorough preventive care, you may be susceptible.

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, there are several risk factors which contribute to the likelihood of developing periodontal disease, including:

Smoking – Tobacco use is of the most significant risk factors associated with periodontal disease, according to recent studies.

Stress – Stress can make it difficult for your body to fight infections, including periodontal disease.

Medication – Some medications can have adverse effects on your oral health. Certain anti-depressants, oral contraceptives and heart medicines have been linked to higher rates of periodontal disease. Be sure to update us of any new medications you may be taking.

Bruxism/Clenching/Grinding – Grinding your teeth can put extra stress on the soft tissue and supporting structures of your teeth. This could speed up the rate at which periodontal disease progresses.

Systemic Diseases – Other systemic diseases, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular disease contribute to the body’s inflammatory response and can increase the odds of developing periodontal disease, as well as increase the rate of progression.

Genetics – Studies have linked genetic factors to the odds of developing periodontal disease.

We have seen the damaging oral and overall effects of periodontal disease many times. It is our goal to help you attain optimal oral and overall health. If you feel you may have risk factors making you more susceptible to periodontal disease, please contact our dentist. We will provide an individual care plan to decrease your odds of developing this disease. Just like any disease, prevention and early detection are best.

generic Proscalpin online

Dentist West Columbia, SC

West Columbia DentistWhat’s on your checklist this month?

As school starts, we’re reminded of all of the exciting change taking place in the lives of our children. It’s a busy time, filled with obligations. Your checklist seems endless with your “to-do’s” before that monumental first day of class.

Your children are excited about who will be in their class, wondering about their new teacher and interested in extra curricular activities—it’s no surprise that your dental appointments seem to be the last thing on the list.

Did you know?

Untreated dental caries can lead to pain, weight loss, missed school days, poor appearance, decreased self-esteem and, in severe cases, even death. Dental disease is preventable, yet dental care is the most common unmet health treatment need in children.

What can you do?

We strongly advise scheduling your appointments and your children’s appointments months in advance. This allows you to prioritize care, and shows your children that their health is important—even when their lives are busy. Let’s face it; before we know it, the holidays will be upon us.

We look forward to seeing you and your family soon and wish you luck as you embark on the exciting new school year.  Contact our generic Proscalpin online no prescription to schedule your next dental appointment.

how to by Proscalpin online

West Columbia Dentist

Dentist West ColumbiaAt times, our patients schedule their appointments, not wanting x-rays taken or thorough oral screenings. They trust their regular dental cleanings will be adequate. However, it is important for you to know that complete oral exams, including x-rays, can help save your life.

Proper dental care is extremely important. Without quality oral health care, there can be negative effects on overall health. Visiting how to get Proscalpin online no prescription in 1 days for regular check-ups, including proper x-rays and oral cancer screenings, is necessary for optimal oral health.

Our professional dental cleanings are most beneficial for plaque build up and stains that might have been missed during brushing and flossing. It is recommended by the ADA to visit a dentist at least twice per year but Dr. Newman may recommend more frequent cleanings based on your individual needs. Besides cleaning and polishing, we will offer at-home suggestions for the prevention of tartar and staining.

Typically, dental x-rays, or radiographs, are used to aid dentists in detecting tooth damage, decay and disease. However, recent discoveries have found that x-rays may be useful with assisting in the diagnosis of heart disease. Studies have shown that heart disease is linked to periodontitis, or gum disease, and x-rays can assist in identifying the presence of periodontitis. Also, those with severe periodontitis are at risk of developing atherosclerotic plaque, which can cause strokes.

Perhaps most importantly, routine oral cancer screenings are significant during oral examinations. If patients notice oral cancer symptoms inside the mouth, which include white or red patches, long lasting sores or unexplained bleeding, see a dentist right away. These symptoms are not always detectable without a thorough exam by a dentist. Our dentists are certified to help detect and diagnose oral cancer. Without screenings, patients risk developing more serious and risky health problems. Studies have shown that oral cancer is responsible for the death of one American adult every hour.

Checkups, x-rays and thorough screenings have the potential to help recognize and evaluate dental and other overall health problems that may otherwise go undetected. For more information about our comprehensive oral exams or to schedule an appointment, please contact our generic Proscalpin without prescription canada


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Dentist in West Columbia

Teeth whitening may be a great option if you who have stained, dull or discolored teeth. The main causes of stained teeth are genetics, antibiotics, tobacco and certain foods. As we age, our teeth darken as well.

Our dental team is devoted to helping you achieve and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. If you are considering teeth whitening, contact our generic Proscalpin canada for a consultation.

indian Proscalpin

Proscalpin online no prescription 1 mg

Dentist West Columbia

Dentist West ColumbiaClearing up misconceptions about oral health can help improve personal oral hygiene efforts for a beautiful and healthier smile. If you keep up with your oral hygiene regimen, dental visits are significantly easier and dental care is more manageable.

Misconception #1 – My teeth are fine if I have no pain

Tooth decay (cavities) usually doesn’t cause pain until they become very severe. Once it gets to this stage, the amount of decay could lead to more invasive and costly treatments. Some of the most dangerous oral disorders, such as oral cancer and gum disease, typically don’t cause pain at all. It is important to keep up with scheduled dental appointments. Our dentist can diagnose problems even at its earliest stages when there is no pain.

Misconception #2 – Cavities are only caused by sweets

When you eat sweets, the bacteria in your mouth start consuming it and produce acid. This acid dissolves the enamel of the tooth, which results in tooth decay or cavities. However, this process happens when you eat anything that is a starch or carbohydrate. Food and snacks, such as crackers, bread, potato chips, fruit, peanut butter and pasta, have the same effect on your teeth.

Misconception #3 – If my gums bleed, I should stop flossing

Bleeding gums are often the first sign of gum disease. This happens when bacterial infections inflame your gums due to a lack of efficient cleaning. With regular brushing and flossing, gums will be much healthier and should rarely bleed. However, gum inflammation can occur despite best oral hygiene habits. In such instances, you should see improvement if you rinse with warm salt water and continuing to brush and floss.

Misconception #4 – Whiter teeth are healthier teeth

Healthy teeth come in a wide range of natural shades. Whiter teeth cannot show if there is an infection or cavity between the teeth. Although pure white teeth do not equate to healthier teeth, they should still be naturally on the whiter side.

Misconception #5 – Children are more prone to tooth decay

Tooth decay (cavities) can develop at any age. People assume children have poor brushing habits and are more prone to tooth decay. Cavities form when bacteria cause a loss or weakening in tooth enamel and eventually decay forms a hole in the tooth. This is usually seen in people with poor brushing and flossing habits, regardless of age.

Excellent oral health promotes overall good health and is definitely not a misconception. It is important to practice good oral hygiene habits. If you have any questions regarding your dental health, please contact low price rx online website Proscalpin.

Proscalpin online no prescription