Advanced Dental Technology

Dentist in West Columbia

Our office uses 3-D printing and digital scanning technology to make your dental work highly accurate with very little adjustments needed.  Our technology makes dental procedures both quicker and more comfortable.  We take special care to stay up to date with the newest dental technologies so that all of our patients will get the precise and personalized care that they deserve.

3D Printing

Our team takes advantage of 3D printing technology to provide our patients with robust, detailed visuals as well as models to restore function to the teeth and mouth. While the process used to take weeks, 3D imagery and printing allows us to make complete customized crowns, mouthguards, retainers, and more with pinpoint accuracy and in significantly less time.

Digital Scanning Technology

Through our high-resolution digital scanning technology, our team is able to achieve accurate measurements and images of your mouth. Our in-house digital scanners eliminate the need to take goopy, uncomfortable molds. You can rest assured that with our digital scanning technology, you’ll be getting the most accurate and precise results. 

We can’t wait to help you create a brand new smile.