The ProACTIVE Approach Saves Time and Money

Have you been going to the dentist only to find you have a new problem every time you visit? You get a filling done only to come back six month later to have a bigger problem. Your teeth seem to constantly break down and over time, spend much of your time and hard earned money on dentistry. This is the dreadful story.

At Columbia Smile Center, we practice a ProACTIVE approach which we use to help our patients save time and money over the lifetime of their dentistry. Starting with comprehensive exam, Dr. Newman will evaluate your mouth for any major dental diseases (PRO). Together with your input, Dr. Newman will create a unique treatment plan designed to achieve optimal dental health. By following the plan, you’ll be in the chair less frequently and incur fewer dental expenses.

For a detailed outlook on the ProACTIVE Program, you can find a downloadable PDF below. For new patients interested in the program, we are offering a special on your first comprehensive exam. Fill out this brief questionnaire to have the special e-mailed to you.