Success Stories

Take a look at some of our proudest success stories.

Kenny’s Story

Kenny was frustrated by his teeth breaking down and the look of his fractured front tooth. Dr. Newman used a combination of Invisalign to align the lower teeth and dental crowns to restore the upper teeth. Kenny’s bite is aligned and he will no longer suffer from teeth breaking.

Before & After

Before & After

Mary’s Story

Mary suffered for years from very dry mouth, causing her teeth to breakdown and turn yellow in color. She was frustrated by numerous visits to the dentist for constant repairs. Dr. Newman and Mary developed a plan using a combination of Invisalign and dental crowns to restore Mary’s bite and smile.

Greg’s Story

Greg was frustrated after years and years of dental work that he did not have a stable bite. He stated he could not bite in the same place twice. Using dental crowns and implants, Dr. Newman rebuilt a stable bite for Greg.

Before & After

Before & After

Adam’s Story

Adam noticed that as he got older it was harder and harder for him to eat and he was concerned about this affecting his health.  He had visited the dentist regularly but continually had dental problems.  He had lost many teeth and his remaining teeth were so worn you could not see them when he smiled.  Together Dr. Newman and Adam developed a strategy to rebuild his mouth.  Using dental implants and crowns, Adam can now enjoy food and when he smiles you can now see his teeth.

Laura’s Story

Growing up, Laura experienced clicking and popping in her jaw joints.  She tried to live with it but it became more and more uncomfortable.  She was waking up with soreness in her jaw and had to wear a bite guard to sleep.  After a consultation with Dr. Newman, he took molds of her mouth and found that she had an alignment problem.  Using conservative dental veneers, Dr. Newman realigned her bite so that the popping and clicking went away.  Laura no longer wakes up with jaw pain and her clicking jaw is gone.

Before & After

Before & After

Devin’s Story

Devin didn’t really go to the dentist as a child.  After paying for his first crown, he became very conscientious about his dental health.  Devin took care of the crown and improved his hygiene but still had dull headaches almost every morning.  His old dentist never mentioned the alignment of his teeth could be the cause of his dental problems.  When Dr. Newman visited with Devin, he noticed Devin had a bite issue.  Using Invisalign, Dr. Newman was able to realign Devin’s teeth and he no longer has headaches in the morning.