What Is A Dental Crown?

Dental crowns repair weak, cracked and chipped teeth. Crowns are placed on top of the remaining portion of the natural tooth and restore tooth shape and function. Crowns are made of either metal and porcelain to provide for a strong repair. The crown is custom fitted and made to match the color of your adjacent teeth. Crowns may also be recommended following a root canal, as root canals need to be protected by a crown.

How Is A Dental Crown Made?

When fabricating a crown, Dr. Newman, the dentist in West Columbia SC, will remove a small amount of tooth structure circumferentially around the tooth to make room for a crown to fit. He will then take a mold of the tooth and fabricate a temporary crown. The crown mold is sent to a dental laboratory in Florida where a custom fit crown is made to your mold. At a second visit, Dr. Newman will remove your temporary crown and cement your custom fitted crown in place. He will make sure the fit and color are just right.

Cosmetic Crowns

Often patients worry their crown will stand out amongst their other teeth or have a black line around the gum area. Porcelain crowns are much more cosmetic than traditional metal/porcelain crowns. These improved cosmetics allow our dentist West Columbia, Dr. Newman, to match adjacent teeth and result in a great esthetic appearance.