Our Wonderful Hygienists

At Columbia Smile Center, our hygienists pride themselves in comprehensive and detailed appointments.  Your hygienist will examine your teeth, noting all pertinent tooth, gum, and mouth findings.  They will then remove all plague, calculus, and tartar from your teeth.  And finally, polish these teeth, which will prevent plaque from easily reattaching to your teeth.  These cleanings result in a wonderfully clean feeling.

Our hygienists also provide oral hygiene instruction, with emphasis on brushing and flossing.  They enjoy educating our patients and teaching proper techniques.  Both hygienists attend many yearly continuing education classes where they learn about the latest dental products to recommend to our patients.  They educate our patients on everything from which electric toothbrush to choose to the most effective mouth rinse.

The Importance of Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings remove the plaque and bacteria that cause tooth decay, gum recession, pain, and medical problems.  Recent medical evidence continues to link poor oral hygiene with heart disease, diabetes, and pre-term birth.  Plaque and bacteria from the mouth easily enters the bloodstream and effects your overall health.  Regular dental cleanings remove this harmful plaque and bacteria from your body.

Dentist in West Columbia on Gingivitis